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El SAT precisa que la subasta de productos embargados inicia con la publicación de la convocatoria de remate en la página electrónica del SAT (, y se hace exclusivamente a través del sistema subastaSAT, una aplicación mediante la cual se dan a conocer los bienes objeto de remate, el valor base para su enajenación, así como los requisitos y la forma en que los postores podrán participar en las subastas.

Debido a esta problemática, la dependencia llama a la ciudadanía a denunciar inmediatamente sobre cualquier irregularidad que detecten a través de Quejas en los servicios por Internet o en el correo electrónico

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  469. Oh my heart be still…this room is stunning Lynne. I'm sure grandma would love to have seen it. Your first try was good but what you've added is just over the top beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  470. One more point — the thrust of this blog is that the United States should be run more like a corporation. Shouldn't that corporation have an R&D department? Real corporations sponsor academic research as well as their own labs, so why shouldn't a for-profit government do the same? If the government were to be suddenly converted into a profit-making enterprise, do you think NIH and NSF would be one of the expenses cutback as unproductive? I sure wouldn't, should I somehow obtain the role of CEO of Americorp.

  471. Dan. your father’s day sounded rad. What I took most from this whole story though was the fact that your friend was sweet to you and you just insulted him….on his wedding day let alone!? Aren’t you afraid that hurt his self-esteem a little? Well, I thought it was very classy how he treated you. If I hadn’t seen a long lost friend for a long time, I would have been really hurt if they kept insulting me. i would have just been happy to see them.

  472. to me when we were talking about current events: "You're a classicist, so you know how quickly a civilization can collapse."Daniel, thank you for your keen insights and beautiful prose. Even your saddening essays are in a strange way comforting.

  473. Brilliant! I’m 43 & I have done exactly the same thing. Stopped. To take stock. To breathe. To listen. To walk. The more I stay still, the more I realise that this is what being 40 is all about. So many people miss it! One of my posts on my blog talks about my decision to stop, ‘the witch of portobello’ I don’t want to link to it cos I’m not into promoting my blog!! I just want to share my similar decision process to stop. Good luck!

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  486. Just a couple of notes xo:Cisse has been assured of a start by Pardew, whatever that means for Ba or AmeobiWalcott played the full 120 and pulled up sore, wenger didn’t sound keen to play him at all… Ramsey on the wing me thinks :/Mata still keen to plat but I probably agree with him missing this week<3

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  493. Oh Aidan! I so know where you are coming from. My youngest – years ago as he is now sporting a driver’s permit so the fears are new and different – opened the door one day and walked out of the house and around the corner. We lived on the corner at the time but still. A neighbor saw him and brought him home but I was petrified. I didn’t like the doors being locked as the older kids were always outside playing but it got to the point, with my little explorer, that I had to lock the older kids outside if I could not go out with the youngest.

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  528. I suspect that the handing of the House of Reps to the GOP had more to do with the Gerrymander set up by the partisan states rather than the actual will of the people. Happy to be corrected by any of the US peeps who know better.

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  531. Just love your blog! And I have always enjoyed your books! I live in Phoenix, AZ so our harbingers of spring are a little different! It’s 80 degrees here today! Lots of things are blooming! I grew up in Boise, ID in a house built in 1910 that had a great basement. In my mind’s eye I can see rows of canning jars on shelves down there. Spent many a pleasant hour playing down there with my brothers and sister.

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